Powtoon web 2.0 tool can create fun animations by using ready-made templates and animations saved in the system or by adding your own files. The free version includes 30 animated characters, 10 music and basic slide packs. These features are sufficient to prepare an educational material.

Powtoon has both paid and free options. In order to use the Powtoon web 2.0 tool, we do not need to install any programs on our computer. Powtoon is a web 2.0 tool that works online. The Powtoon web 2.0 tool is easy to use. It attracts the attention of the audience. With the Powtoon web 2.0 tool, you can create impressive presentations for free.

How Can We Use Powtoon Web 2.0 in Education? With the Powtoon web 2.0 tool, you can share subtitles or important parts of the topic with your students in a remarkable way when switching to the new topic or new unit. With Powtoon web 2.0 app, you can create your video stream and interact with your lesson more efficiently with interactive materials. Through Powtoon web 2.0, you can ensure that students learn permanently by repeating important points at the end of your classes. You can use the www.powtoon.com website to use the Powtoon web 2.0 application.