App Inventor

App Inventor is an environment where visual blocks are used to develop mobile applications. In this environment, it is possible for learners to develop their own mobile applications by using minimum programming knowledge.

In App Inventor, blocks can be selected from the relevant block menu. Beginners to programming minimize syntactic and cognitive failures in the learning process. The installation requirements of App Inventor are minimal. It is completely browser based. It uses similar block language as Scratch. It was developed by Google and later transferred to MIT Mobile Learning Center. MIT launched its second version for App Inventor program developers in 2013. There are structures, functions and features that you can use when programming with App Inventor.

In the use of App Inventor, there are functions provided by “Design Editor” and blocks provided in “Block Editor”. Android is an application development platform. The most important feature is that it can be programmed as drag and drop.

To start the App Inventor program, a computer running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux will be needed. A web browser. Firefox, Chrome or Safari can be used. However, Internet Explorer does not currently support it. An Android phone isn’t necessarily required for App Inventor, but it makes things a lot more fun! A wireless internet connection or USB cable is also required from your phone to your computer.