AR Development Tools

Many Augmented Reality software kits (SDKs) have been developed to deliver Augmented Reality applications through mobile devices. As examples; Artoolkit, AndAR, ARcrowd, ARlab, ARmedia, DroidAR, HoloBuilder, Vuforia, Metaio, BeyondAR, Layar etc. In addition, Augmented Reality software kits such as Xloudia and Catchroom work on a system known as without any markers.

Vuforia is the leading Augmented Reality platform. Vuforia is a software platform for augmented reality applications that support on both Android and iOS platform.

EasyAR is an easy to use and free augmented reality engine. It includes support for multi-target tracking, detection, monitoring, and also optimizations to reduce power. It offers very simple examples for local development. there are also some advanced topics for creating real-time target from the camera image and 3D coloring book.

Wikitude has an environment that supports the two different operating systems as Android and IOS via its SDK. Wikitude is quite handy and has many samples. At the same time Wikitude’s own software development studio is available. However, projects can be developed using Android Studio, Swift as a software environment.

Artoolkit; Augmented Reality application is a frequently used software library in C language. Downloading compiled SDKs for IOS, Android, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. ARToolKit includes stereo and optical-looking support is, integrated with a number of smart glasses and allows for easy metering on the new devices.

Kudan AR; is a professional Augmented Reality SDKs to develop interesting applications for mobile devices. The Kudan AR SDK is an all-in-one SDK that can support pointers or ambiguous tracking and location requirements by professional developers. It supports high-quality 3D graphics with real-time tissue penetration. Augmented Reality SDKs have native platform APIs such as ObjectiveC for iOS and Java for Android.

Layar; Blippar Augmented Reality SDK is a platform where the user can quickly embed the application for mobile Augmented Reality development quickly and easily using the service tools.