Beta Of AR Maps And Navigation

The app helps you navigate and explore 300 cities worldwide using augmented reality and computer vision at scale. In selected locations we enhance the AR experience with urban visual positioning, our industry-wide breakthrough in location-based AR, which localises users with higher accuracy than GPS, thanks to computer vision. Follow the 3D directions to never get lost again. As you travel you’ll see the names of the streets and buildings appear in front of you — and soon you’ll be able to tap the hotspots to learn more.

This launch is just the beginning in our journey to transform navigation and the experience of exploring a city. We will constantly be improving the technology and the content to provide a seamless and immersive way to travel, navigate and explore.

The technologies at the core of this AR map app — computer vision and augmented reality — are already changing the way we live our lives. And we believe they will disrupt a number of industries, including travel, retail, real estate, autonomous transport, gaming and more.