I think everyone should have access to new and accurate information that should be on a website. Therefore, Educationcyber.com started in 2019.

The Educationcyber.com website; is a web site that will focus on innovative and technology-oriented future studies in the field of education and informatics. This website covers everyone interested in education and information. In this context, articles, conferences, careers, freelance resources, advertising and news topics constitute the content of this website. In addition, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Computer Education, Cyber ​​Security Education, Educational Technology, Forensic Informatics Education, Mobile Learning and Online Education can be found on the website.

In addition, this website is an up-to-date website that supports technological standards, providing fast and comprehensive access through the use of menus and access.

I hope this website will be useful to everyone. I am excited to help you on the journey of this website!